Our Introduction!

We are a financially conscious family working towards a financially independent life. Our goal is to share the lessons we have learned along the way as well as learning from those we meet along this journey.

First and foremost, we need to be upfront – not everyone can do this (or even wants to). For most of us looking to “retire” early with no windfall, retiring early (or FIRE) does require some sacrifice. You will need to set a budget, you will need to live well below the standard of living you can afford, and you need to learn how to maximize your savings and investments. We are hoping to share what we have learned and what we will learn through this blog.  We will delve in to the nuances of early retirement and share the discovery of how we will handle early retirement account withdrawals, our child’s college and health insurance among other topics.

Some background… I have always been a saver.  My parents tell stories of giving me $10 to go to the movies with my friends in high school and I brought them back $6.25 because “the popcorn and drinks were just too expensive”, my siblings burned the $10 and asked for more at times.  The day of my first job after college, I met with HR about my benefits, I had a conversation about 401ks, which I will chronical later that changed my financial life.  The savings rate from that conversation is why I am here today typing this post!

To most of the personal finance world, I have done everything exceptionally right, but as I learn about the FIRE community and the nuances of retiring in my 40s, I have done many things wrong and could have much better optimized my financial life.  The normal personal finance guidelines are for the masses, we are looking at things at a different perspective since we plan to exit the working world early.  I plan to share these lessons learned along the way.

As I have read through the multitude of blogs and financial resources on the web, magazines and books, it is obvious to me that I am not a trailblazer in the field of finance or financial independence but we are just a normal family who has lived below our means and looked at discretionary spending just a little bit different than most people.   In contemplating why the world needs another financial independence blogger, I decided I wanted to share our history, our mistakes, lessons learned and our current discoveries to those just starting out or just learning about the financial independence journey.   We currently live in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri and we hope to find others in this community planning for the same journey.

In closing, I have always loved personal finance, I think it was seeing the money grow in my own portfolios that piqued my interests.  I read books, many books, on the subject of personal finance that has helped me along the way.  I began giving subtle advice to young employees of mine and now I routinely have chats with employees about their finances.  I love sharing my thoughts and hoping it makes a difference in their lives down the road and I hope to engage you to follow along on this journey.